Returns and exchanges

When buying new, unused goods through mail order

・If the product you sent to us is defective before use (bad movement or external damage, etc.), we will accept the return of the product or replace it with the same product.

Please allow me to return or exchange the goods if the goods arrived are not checked properly.

However, the following circumstances do not belong to the object of return or exchange.

・The condition of making dimensional adjustment

・If you see any signs of having used it once

・Goods ordered according to guest’s request

・Different impression of color and size, etc. for the convenience of the guest

・The reason is related to the content of the commodity status recorded in the webpage commodity information.


This is our online shopping in order to solve the trouble and anxiety, so that more customers more easily use the launch of the service.

Please apply through the return acceptance form within 2 days after the arrival of the goods (from the scheduled arrival date recorded in the mail), and mail back within 4 days.

The purchase will be refunded if the following return conditions are met.

※ New, unused supplies, orders according to customer’s requirements can not be returned.

※ Please let me be the object of the return of the belt changed according to the requirements of the customer.Please let me refund the amount after deducting the belt.

※ Please apply for the return form within 2 days after the arrival date of the product (the scheduled arrival date recorded in the notification email sent by the company) and return the product within 4 days.

※Please let me bear the remittance charge as the customer.The amount will be remitted to you after deducting the remittance charge.

The return method

1. To apply for

Please apply through the return acceptance form.

※ Telephone, do not do in the reception of the shop.

We will contact you by email after confirming whether the items we wish to return meet the conditions of return.

2 Packing Goods

Please pack the goods to be returned in cartons.

After receiving the notification of the completion of the review, please send the package to us.

Goods can not be returned if damaged or faulty when they arrive at our company, so please pack them carefully and do not leave gaps.

3 deliver goods

Please give it to the express company.

Please return the goods to the Courier company within 4 days after arrival.

Since the delivery cost is borne by the customer, please send it at the original price.

4 examine

Check at the store.

When the goods arrive, the store will check whether they are eligible for return

5 refund

Carry out refund, cancel processing.