privacy policy


1.The company shall abide by the laws and regulations on personal information processing and the guidelines stipulated by the state regarding the personal information processing handled by all enterprises and the personal information processing of employees.And, according to the Japanese industrial specification “personal information protection management system – requirements” (JIS Q15001) to develop personal information protection management system to protect personal information.

2.When obtaining and using personal information, the Company takes the specific purpose as the premise, and does not deal with the personal information beyond the scope required for the specific purpose (use beyond the purpose).In addition, appropriate management measures will be taken so as not to use them for extrinsic purposes.

3.The company will not provide the personal information obtained to any third party with the consent of the individual, except as required by law.

4.The company will promptly investigate the factual relationship of the content and respond in good faith within a reasonable period of time when it receives complaints and inquiries about the handling of personal information.

5.In order to properly manage the acquired personal information, the company has taken organizational, human, physical and technical security measures to prevent and correct the disclosure, loss or damage of personal information.

6.The company will adjust the personal information protection management system related to personal information protection and improve the personal information protection work according to the changes of social situation and environment.

Made: August 11, 2016

Processing of user information

(1)Content that users post (including images, comments, and messages exchanged between users and other users on afE) when they post or share with other users using’s publish feature.And information about it

(2)Services provided by third parties (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, other SNS sites, e-commerce sites, etc.).Hereinafter collectively referred to as “Third Party Sites”.)When logging in to, users can obtain information (such as Facebook friend information, Facebook likes!) within the scope of the user’s approval.Including information about what you do, information about your friends on Twitter, and information about it.)

Article 2: Using purpose

The Company may use the user information obtained from the user to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes.In addition, in case of use for purposes other than the following, the use purpose shall be individually notified according to The provisions of Article 4 of this Privacy Policy and the consent of the user shall be obtained.

(1)The operation and provision of and the provision of personalized services related to recommendations, customizations and other features on

(2)Develop surveys, analyses and statistics to improve and develop new features

(3)Conduct various activities, reward planning and questionnaire survey related to

(4)All kinds of consultation and after-sales service from users

(5) The transmission of up-to-date information, newsletters, and various information regarding other related services provided by the company.

(6) notification of necessary business matters

(7)The Company or its affiliates (including but not limited to subsidiaries and companies subject to the equity law).Contact about services or programs

(8)The user’s own authentication and automatic display of login information in various screens

(9)To exercise a right or perform an obligation under a contract or law

Article 3: consent

The company, when the user carries out the member registration, regarding the use of articles of association ( users use articles of association or brand partners use articles of association) and the recorded content of this privacy policy, obtains the user’s consent.

Article 4: alteration

The Company, the Company will obtain the use of user information for purposes and changes to this Privacy Policy, the Company has a reasonable and judgment method, notify the user of such changes, and the Company has established procedures to obtain the consent of the user.

Article 5: Delegation of user information

The company, to the extent necessary to clarify the user’s use purpose, and to achieve the management and storage of user information, properly sign contracts with third parties. The company can entrust the user information obtained from the user.

Article 6: Third parties provide user information

1.The Company will not provide or disclose user information obtained from users to third parties except under any of the following circumstances.

(1)According to the law

(2)If the user’s prior consent is obtained

(3)The company deems necessary for the public interests of users and third parties, such as life, body and property, or for the interests of users

(4)Inheritance of business and user information through merger, branch, business transfer, etc

(5)Affiliates of the Company (including but not limited to subsidiaries and companies subject to the equity law).In the case of common use of user information between

(6)Commission under Clause 5

2.The Company may collect information from multiple users and use such information for marketing and promotion on its own or with third parties in a form that cannot be determined by individuals.

Article 7: The arbitrariness of providing personal information and the consequences of not providing that information

The company’s access to user information is based on the user’s wishes to provide.In addition, if you cannot provide all or part of the information obtained by us regarding, please understand in advance that you may decline to use

Article 8: Disclosure of information

1.The user’s will be displayed on the provided website and made available to all users.In addition, the content of the submission will also be disclosed through the public setting.

2.A user may make use of this information or content, including text, photos, videos, voice, URL links to other notifications or cases in which other user’s information is made public, by means of and other user information if other blockchain blockchain blockchain ケ interョ is incorporated or contributed content or information sharing functions related to this.

3.If a user links a third party website to the website by using the function of, all or part of the information disclosed on the third party website will be disclosed.

4.The Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss to the User arising from the disclosure of the information through the use of

Article 9: Get information about users under the age of 13 does not include people under 13 years of age.The company does not collect information from users under the age of 13, nor does it allow registration.

2.If the Company reasonably determines that it has obtained user information from under the age of 13, the Company may delete such information at its sole discretion.In case of such suspicion, please inform us of the contact information listed in Article 12 of this Privacy Policy.In addition, even if any damage or loss occurs to the User as a result of such deletion, the Company shall not be liable for such damage or loss.

Article 10: A public program for user information

1.The Company will disclose the personal information of users and inform the purpose of use. If the content of the disclosed personal information is found to be inconsistent with the facts, the Company will correct it, stop using it and stop providing information to third parties (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure”).Accept your request.

(1)Disclosure, etc

When requesting by mail, please contact the Customer information Office listed in article 12.

②If requested by mail, please attach the required documents to the request and mail it below.

(2)Please submit something

①Notice of purpose of Use of Personal Information · Application for disclosure

②Request for personal information correction

③Request to stop using personal information

④Identification documents (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

⑤If the legal agent, in addition to the above (4), there is confirmation of the legal authority of the document.

(3)service charge

In this request, please understand in advance that the request for disclosure and the request for notice of the purpose of utilization shall be charged by the company.For specific procedures regarding other requests for disclosure, etc., consult the consultation window provided for in article 12.

Article 11: Termination of services and processing of information

1.If the user has completed the procedure of unjoining from, or if the Company unjoins the user from, the Company will immediately stop the disclosure of user information on, for messages that have already been exchanged with other users at the stop point or information provided through the sharing function, it is possible to continue a portion of the public state even after the public processing is stopped.

2.Prior to the cessation of disclosure, although it also applies, the company’s relevant laws, legitimate business on the user information archiving purposes to the extent necessary to the minimum extent, the company’s technically reasonable security is ensured in the storage method can continue to have things.

Article 12: Consulting the window

The company, at the following window, accepts inquiries regarding the handling of user information at